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You Made The Move. Now What?

You Made The Move. Now What?

Customized Removable Moving Label
Many times a move can go very smoothly in the transition from one location to another but there are always remnants in boxes that you must deal with later. Try as you might, not everything gets purged, donated or sorted prior to a move. These boxes often end up in the garage, basement, utility room or closet. Prior to moving, the boxes need to be identified and prioritized so that you can, in due course, follow a step by step progression to unpack them and complete your move.  It might take weeks or months to get to those boxes. If you don’t attach a customized moving label, you will have no idea what is in the box or which box to tackle first, nor where to place the box when it arrives at your house.Removable Labels on Moving Boxes

In the case of our move from the office to the home, we had many boxes that we just did not want to deal with at that time. We labeled each with a My Removable Sticker for appropriate follow-up action which occurred several months later because our priorities were elsewhere. Some of the content in those boxes was discarded entirely, other items given away to the Salvation Army and Goodwill, some was given to family members and other items placed in a suitable location in our home.  Because those boxes were labeled with a removable sticker listing their content and a priority number, we gradually wheedled them down from about twelve boxes to the three that still remain.

The relocation process is seldom completed in a few days. There are usually leftover boxes and your relocation effort will actually span the course of several weeks or months.  As with any relocation, the priority is to get the large items and the most important boxes delivered to their ultimate destination in your home or office. Then, at a later point, you can deal with the less significant remnant boxes as we did.

My Removable Stickers stick to your boxes and storage containers.  Unlike other removable stickers that we tested, My Removable Stickers don’t lift and peel after an hour. They will stay on your boxes for weeks, months and even years, although we hope you get around to these boxes before that time frame!  WhenRemovable Stickers On Plastic Rubbermaid Tub it’s time to remove My Removable Stickers, they peel easily and leave no sticky residue.

Use My Removable Stickers to identify the box content and assign a priority number on each box. This helps save you time in the long run as you won’t have to repeatedly open each remnant box to look for a missing item or decide which box is the next important one to unpack.

Eventually, all your remnant boxes will move from a temporary storage area to a sorting table where you can review the content and determine each item’s final destination. Then the moving boxes can be broken down and put in the recycle bin or donated for someone else’s use. We have only three more boxes to go at our house!    ~Jim DeLapa

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