Colored Removable Stickers / Restickable / No Sticky Residue

Yes, Really Removable Moving Stickers

Yes, Really Removable Moving Stickers

As My Removable Stickers are frequently used for office and household moves, I regularly answer inquiries from potential customers who ask “Are your stickers really removable?  I need to test them.”  Have no fear.

Easy To Peel Removable Sticker

The sticker lifts easily from your furniture when the move is completed and leaves no sticky adhesive.

My Removable Stickers work perfectly for household and office relocations and are also beneficial when you need to organize your home or office space.

These color coded removable stickers are safe to put on any furniture item.   You can firmly press the moving sticker on your antiques, your tables, your piano, your corner cabinets – any item you want to move or tag.  I have successfully tested the stickers on all the items mentioned above and many others too.

Sideboard With Removable Sticker

Firmly press our removable sticker onto any furniture item.

I use the ‘wax on – wax off’ technique from the original Karate Kid movie.  When applying the sticker, take your hand and move it in a circular motion around all four sides of the stickers.  Firmly press the sticker onto the item’s surface.   Do not fear –  it will easily peel when it’s time to remove the sticker.  These pictures tell the story.   The peel tab helps you pull the sticker and no adhesive is left on your furniture.

How long can the stickers remain on an item?  Days, months, years!  Again, something we’ve tested.  If you are organizing your home or office and want the sticker to remain on a box or carton, the sticker will stay attached to that item until you pull the sticker off.

Recently, I had one customer email me the word “TOUCHDOWN” after he tested the stickers at his office.  Granted, he was working on a Sunday (!) but you can’t lose when using My Removable Stickers for your upcoming move.

Need sticker ideas?  You can print anything you want on these color coded removable stickers to streamline your moving process.  Print moving labels that match your needs.

Office Moving Label With Merged ContentsGet Organized Green Border









Household Moving StickerPreprinted Removable Moving Sticker









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