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Why Removable Stickers With Colored Borders Work Better Than Solid Color Stickers

Why Removable Stickers With Colored Borders Work Better Than Solid Color Stickers

Color coding makes sense.  Color code your boxes by room when move. Color code your basement storage area.  Color code the tubs in your garage.  Color code your financial paperwork and medical information.Hard To Read Sticker

Here’s what doesn’t make sense – using a solid color sticker that makes it impossible to read the contents that you’ve written or printed on the label.  This label on the right proves my point. Can you read the word Pictures?

Sometimes, storage areas are dark.  Basements, especially unfinished areas, don’t have strong lighting in all the corners.  How do you read the sticker?

My first recommendation – use My Removable Stickers.  Our vibrant colored borders allow you to color code your items but the white sticker center makes it easier to read than a solid colored sticker.

Secondly, use a sticker that’s easy to peel and then restick on your container – again, My Removable Stickers.

Here’s what I discovered last week.  If you still can’t read one of our stickers in the dark corner of your basement – and as you age, you will find this even more true! – pull off the sticker.  Bring it closer to the light or your eyes. Read the contents. And then stick it right back on the container.  It will firmly adhere in place.  Smooth it down on all sides with one circular motion andEasy Peel Removable Stickers your sticker is stuck until the next time you want to remove it.  It won’t curl up, it won’t fall off.

The practical nature of My Removable Stickers continues to astonish me,  I have a couple new usage ideas to write about next week!

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