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Removable Moving Stickers for Office Relocation.

Use these removable moving stickers to identify office property on a temporary basis for your upcoming relocation. These color coded removable stickers are perfect for labeling boxes, furniture, equipment, cartons and office supplies.Customized Moving Labels - Removable

With full adhesive along the back of the removable label, they stick firmly to any flat surface. The adhesive is strong enough to stay on the furniture, equipment and cartons but peels easily when you want to remove it and leaves no sticky residue. Each removable moving label is 2.5″ x 2.5″ with an easy to lift “Peel & Restick” tab.

Peel Restick Tab Removable Stickers

Better yet, these removable moving stickers are easily customized so that you can tag each item with important identification information such as building number, floor number, room and description. Our six color choices can also help you identify room or floor selection.

If you store your detailed moving data in Excel or if you are using Office Relocation software that allows you to export your data to an Excel file, you can merge unique data from the Excel file into a Microsoft Word template to create unique stickers that identify each and every item. You can even print a unique barcode onto each sticker to better track your items from the point of origin to the final destination.

My Removable Stickers helps you simplify your office moving process. What scenario works best for you?

We can help you get started. Email moving@myremovablestickers.com and we’ll work with you to determine the removable moving sticker scenario that best meets your needs.  We offer free sticker design assistance as well as free help merging your Excel data into a sticker document for easy-to-print customized moving stickers.

Here are just a few moving label ideas.

Removable Office Moving Label With Barcode

Get Organized Green Border


Pre-Printed Removable Moving Stickers

If you don’t want to print your own stickers, we also offer pre-printed removable moving sticker sheets with a red border as shown below or we can create a custom moving sticker for you.

These stickers are $32.95 per pack (300 stickers). Additional discounts apply when ordering 1,500 or more pre-printed moving stickers.

Click here to order our Printed Moving Stickers – either the standard one above or a custom moving sticker.