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Removable Sticker Uses
Attaching removable stickers for office move.

The sticker possibilities are endless. Learn how you can put My Removable Stickers to work at home and in the office.

My Removable Stickers – never get stuck without them.

Restaurant Stickers

Restaurant Removable Sticker - My Removable Stickers

Use these removable stickers on take home boxes or to-go boxes with the date, contents and future promotion offer. Or place a coupon sticker on a receipt to encourage them to return for another visit.  See more restaurant sticker uses.



Moving Stickers

Removable Moving Sticker - My Removable Stickers

These color coded moving stickers are perfect for labeling moving boxes, office furniture and computer equipment to ensure your move stays organized.  Their easy peel adhesive gives you the flexibility to identify your belongings on a temporary basis.  Learn more about removable office moving labels or removable labels for household moves.



Bookstore Stickers

Textbook Rental Removable Sticker
Attach these removable stickers to any new or used textbook in your college book store. Remind students about buy-back and book rental return dates.

They will easily peel off the book and leave it in perfect condition for a future resale or rental. See more bookstore sticker uses.



Political Stickers

Removable Political Sticker Idea

Create customized stickers to solve your immediate political communication needs.  If you need to immediately address a hot topic or update your brochure to focus on a specific issue, these removable political stickers are your answer.  See more political sticker uses.



Medical Charting Stickers

Removable Stickers for Medical Office Medical Charts

Use these stickers to easily identify a patient’s chart from the outside. Create your own step-by-step check list on these stickers or simply use the color coded borders to identify an upcoming procedure.  See more medical charting sticker uses.




QR Code Stickers


Print a select number of QR Code stickers for your immediate need. Change the sticker content as needed, using the same or a new QR Code, and print some more sticker labels for customized marketing messages.  See more QR code sticker uses.




Newspaper Stickers

Customized Newspaper Removable Sticker Message

Use these easy to peel removable stickers on complimentary newspapers for hotel guests.  See more newspaper sticker examples.




Save the Date Stickers

Save the Date Wedding Sticker Announcement Removable Sticker

Use these removable sticker labels to provide advance notification of a future event (e.g., a wedding, a major fundraiser, 50th anniversary party). Attach these removable stickers to first class mailed correspondence to remind friends, customers or benefactors to save the date.  See more ‘save the date’ sticker ideas.




Coupon Stickers

Removable Coupon Sticker for Sub Sandwhich Sticker

Print a coupon offer on these removable sticker labels and place on the front of a catalog or on a current in-store product to encourage the purchase of that product or a companion product. Place on a shopping bag as your customer checks-out to encourage a return visit.  See more coupon sticker uses.




 Fund Raising Stickers

Removable Fundraising Sticker

Do you have a major fundraiser underway?  Let your donors or prospective donors know how much you’ve raised to date.  Encourage them to donate more!  You can attach these removable stickers onto letters, envelopes, programs or postcards!  See more fundraising sticker ideas.




Small Business Stickers

Removable Business Sticker We Are Moving

Use these removable stickers as unique business cards with a timely reminder message that can be updated anytime you print a new colored sticker.  See more small business sticker uses.



Personal Stickers

Removable Envelope Sticker for personal use

Attach a special birthday, holiday or anniversary message to the back of an envelope with these colored removable stickers. Print scrapbook quotes or envelope quotes that bring a smile to the recipient. The red and green stickers make beautiful Christmas Stickers that can be attached to cards and presents.  See more personal sticker ideas.




School Stickers

School Fundraiser Removable Sticker Example

Send these removable stickers home with students as an award recognition or have students ‘stick’ on a bulletin board, door or wall to recognize their achievement. Print school fundraiser reminders (e.g., Cookie Dough Orders Are Due In Tomorrow) and let the students wear the stickers home. See more school sticker uses.



Return Address Label Stickers

Removable Address Removable Sticker

Print standard address information on a sticker label and then include a personal picture of your choice. Or add your favorite quote to a sticker and create your own envelope flapsticker!  See more address labels sticker ideas.





Pictures That Stick

Personalized Photo Removable Sticker

Use My Removable Stickers to send pictures thatstick! Attach the removable picture inside a greeting card or on an envelope. When your family or friends receive the picture, they can peel and restick it anywhere.  See more removable picture sticker ideas.




Check out even more removable sticker ideas here: My Removable Stickers – Expanding Uses. You’re sure to find a new business or personal sticker idea that helps you get organized or lets you more effectively communicate with customers, family and friends.

Thoughts That Stick

Removable Sticker Details

12 Stickers Per Sheet
6 Border Colors or All White Sticker
Sticker Size: 2.5" x 2.5"

Sticker Pack: 25 Sheets
Starter Set: 6 Sheets

All colors are in stock.
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