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Use My Removable Stickers On Homemade Gifts

Cookie In A Jar
Attach a removable sticker to the cookie mix jar with the preparation instructions.

As the holiday baking season get underway, I’m reminded of delightful homemade gifts our family created and also received over the years. A favorite one – cookies in a jar – began as a way to teach young scouts about baking measurements to earn a cooking badge.

Once the ingredients were in the jar, we added the lid and a festive bow. Next we attached a removable sticker with the recipe instructions to the jar and for a perfect holiday gift.Cookie Jar Instructions On Removable Sticker


With six border colors to choose from, it was easy to find a sticker color that matched our ribbon. Because My Removable Stickers peel and restick, the recipe can be peeled from the jar and stuck on the kitchen counter for easy reference when baking the cookies. The jar can also be used again because the sticker leaves no sticky residue.

Visit Very Best Baking to find the recipe for the Swirled Caramel Oatmeal Cookie pictured above as well as many other delightful cookie-in-a-jar recipes. I especially love the traditional Choc Chip Cookie Mix In Jar Recipe.

My Removable Stickers can also be used to accompany a gift.  For example, a meat thermometer is a perfect gift for someone who is moving into his/her own apartment for the first time. [Well, it’s a good gift if he/she cooks and eats meat.] We gifted each of our daughters with a meat thermometer this summer. They also received a removable sticker with Meat Temperatures and they were instructed to stick it on an inside cupboard near their stove.  I even put one in my house so I no longer have to scramble to figure out if the roast is done.

What other ideas do you have for using My Removable Stickers?