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Three Color Packing System

Spring TulipsWalking through my neighborhood, I see many for sale, under contact and sold signs. It’s that time of year. Flowering trees are blooming, tulips are out and the grass is green. Curbside appeal is at a high level. Putting your home for sale in April works well for families who want to move in the summer when their children are out of school.

So many ‘for sale’ signs make me think about packing.

We write frequently about removing your clutter. In a perfect world, this takes place on a regular basis so when it’s time to put your house on the market or actually move out of your house, everything is in order.

Take time to go through all your household items, donate things you don’t use and toss things that are broken. Adding stickers to items or boxes will help you remember exactly what you are doing with that stack. Once you’ve made your decision to part with something, stick with it. It’s hard enough to let go of Aunt Silvia’s candy dish; you don’t want to have to revisit the decision again.

Adding stickers while sorting though things is more efficient than you think. How many times have you taken a break, returned to a pile or item and found yourself not sure what you decided to do with it. Tag it and move along. Sorting Stickers

We have customers who use a three color system – green for what they want to keep, yellow for “I’m not sure, let me decide later” and red for donations.  They often write an item name or a room name on the sticker so they know what is in the box or where that box needs to be moved.

Get organized before you move with My Removable Stickers. Try the three color system. It’s a great time saver!Quick Packing Box Stickers Removable