Restickable Stickers, Six Border Colors

My Removable Stickers combine vibrant border colors with removable adhesive for messages that can be easily seen and read while leaving no sticky residue. Peel and restick them, time and time again.

Use our free design software or Word template to design your custom message.  Then print your message onto these sticker using an inkjet printer, laser printer or a high speed copier.

Attach My Removable Stickers to anything – an envelope, document, catalog, computer, receipt, book, box, shopping bag – to put your message in front of your target audience.  The recipient can choose to peel & restick your message – perhaps sticking it on a refrigerator.  The sticker message moves with the recipient for added message awareness.

My Removable Stickers - Removable Restickable Easy To Customize

You can also trust My Removable Stickers to stay in place over an indefinite period of time – for example, on moving boxes and textbooks.

What makes My Removable Stickers unique?

Sometimes called negative adhesive or varnishing, we customize the removable adhesive on the back of each sticker to make the bottom ¼ inch of the sticker even less sticky. The result is that it’s easier to lift than other removable stickers, especially with our unique peel tab in the bottom right corner of the sticker.

This “Peel & Restick” tab can also encourage the recipient to lift the sticker and put it somewhere for future use.  Our removable pressure sensitive adhesive leaves no sticky residue. These restickable labels can be safely moved to any surface.

Peel Restick Tab Removable Stickers

Remember, My Removable Stickers don’t have to stay where you put them!

Let My Removable Stickers move with your audience for added message awareness, resulting in additional marketing impressions and successful communication strategies!

A removable sticker reminder restuck to a computer monitor

Take a look at our six border colors or all white stickers.