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Try these removable restickable stickers from My Removable Stickers.

Removable Stickers - 25 Sheets Per Pack (300 Stickers)

Color Choices:
White, Purple, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red

Each sticker sheet is 8.5″ x 11″ with 12 removable stickers (paper, not vinyl). The removable stickers are each 2.5″ x 2.5″ with a ‘peel & restick’ tab for easy removal. My Removable Stickers leave no sticky residue.

Create your own message to print inside each removable sticker using this Word Template. Then print your message using any laser or inkjet printer.  You can also use a high speed copier to print your sticker content.

Multi-pack discounts begin when ordering 5+ packs at one time.  Shop now for My Removable Stickers.  We also have a Starter Set for $6 (6 sheets, 72 stickers). All colors are in stock and ship the next business day. Delivery time is 3 – 4 business days.

$24.95 Per Pack of 300 Stickers

16% Off – 5+ Packs ($20.96 per pack)
32% Off – 10+ Packs ($16.97 per pack)
40% Off – 25+ Packs ($14.97 per pack)

Red Removable Stickers

Red Removable Sticker With Easy Peel TabRed Removable Stickers - 12 On A Sheet

Blue Removable Stickers

Blue Removable Sticker With Easy Peel TabBlue Removable Sticker Sheet - 12 Per Page

Green Removable Stickers

Green Removable Sticker With Easy Peel TabGreen Removable Sticker Sheet

Purple Removable Stickers

Purple Removable Sticker - Peel With Easy Peel TabPurple Removable Sticker Sheet

Yellow Removable Stickers

Yellow Removable Sticker With Easy Peel TabYellow Removable Sticker Sheet

Orange Removable Stickers

Orange Removable Sticker With Easy Peel TabOrange Removable Sticker Sheet

White Removable Stickers

White Removable Sticker Pack

Removable Sticker Starter Set – 6 Sheets – $6

Order My Removable Stickers.