My Removable Stickers Make Your Message Stick and RestickPeel Restick Tab Removable Stickers

We designed our stickers with a special peel strip on the reverse side so that the sticker is easier to peel than a generic white removable sticker.  A “Peel & Restick” tab also help lift the sticker while informing the recipient that they can restick the sticker elsewhere for future use. The removable pressure sensitive adhesive leaves absolutely no sticky residue so the removable labels can be safely moved to and from any surface.

Specially designed removable stickers with unique one of kind features.

These removable stickers with vibrant border colors peel & restick. They are uniquely designed to make sure your offer, coupon or message moves with your audience as a credible, visible reminder.  The sticker can be peeled and moved anywhere, time and time again.  The sticker will remain in place, unlike other ‘restickable’ labels that curl up after a single use.

Removable Sticker Packs Six Colors

Each package of removable stickers contains 25 sheets with 12 (2.5″ x 2.5″) sticker labels per sheet = 300 stickers per package. Start shopping for your removable stickers labels.

Shipping costs for these colored stickers are based on order size. We also offer a six sheet removable sticker starter set for $6.

When they arrive, print your own customized business message or personal message on the removable sticker sheets with your inkjet printer or laser printer. Use our free sticker design software to easily create and print your message. Click here for to watch our video tutorial.

Email if you need assistance using the free sticker design software or if you would like one of our graphic specialists to help you finalize the best layout for your sticker, absolutely free.