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Textbook Sticker Test

As summer progresses, college bookstores again prepare for the fall bookstore rush.  Adding a removable sticker to a rental textbook is a wise plan. The sticker reminds the student that the textbook is a rental book and includes the return date. No longer will a student post a negative comment on Twitter about the rental book they forgot to return to your bookstore.

However, not all removable stickers are alike. After testing four different removable sticker brands, we see common problems with all stickers except My Removable Stickers.

Testing a different removable sticker brand on a textbook.
Testing a different removable sticker brand – this one won’t peel without leaving sticker residue.

Some removable stickers attach well. But when it’s time to peel them, they leave adhesive on the textbook. The example on the left shows ‘removable stickers’ applied to a textbook for less than a week. Imagine what the book cover might look like after a semester! While you can peel the remaining adhesive strips off the book, it just takes your bookstore employees extra time to ‘clean’ the textbook.

You won’t have this problem with My Removable Stickers. We recently pulled a textbook from an office shelf that carried one of our stickers from 2013. The sticker peeled completely and left no sticky residue.

Removable Stickers That Dont Restick - Not My Removable Stickers
Testing a different removable sticker brand – this one won’t restick.

As we continued our sticker testing, some removable stickers with a very light adhesive peel well. That’s perfect unless you need to have the sticker reattached (and a college student is likely to peel and reattach your sticker). Then these stickers won’t stay. They curl up as shown below. Some stickers we’ve tested even curl up after being applied the first time!

My Removable Stickers are designed to leave no sticky residue and will restick, multiple times, when reapplied. Removable Stickers 7 ColorsWith a selection of border colors, you can choose a sticker that matches or compliments your bookstore or school colors. Then it’s easy (and cost effective) to print your rental book notice with black ink.  Use this blank Word template to create your unique sticker message and then print the sticker content using a laser printer, inkjet printer or high speed copier.

Order a starter set of My Removable Stickers to test on your textbooks.