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Free Removable Sticker Templates

Free Templates for My Removable Stickers

Download this free Blank Template to design a customized sticker using Microsoft Word.

With this template, you can create 12 identical stickers or 12 unique stickers on our removable sticker sheet.

You can also find more removable sticker templates here.

If you need help creating your sticker template, please email help@myremovablestickers.com and we will create your template for you.  This is a free service of My Removable Stickers.

We recommend that you test print the sticker content by printing the template design on white paper and holding it up to a sticker sheet to make sure it’s lining up correctly.  Adjust your content or margins as necessary.

Then simply print the template content onto a colored or all white removable sticker sheets using any laser or inkjet printer.  Some customers also use high speed copiers for their removable sticker printing.

You can also merge unique data from an Excel file into the Word template to create pages of unique stickers.

Removable Stickers On Sheets - My Removable Stickers

Remember, if you need help creating the sticker template in Word, we can assist you. This is a free service of My Removable Stickers. Simply email the information you’d like to see on the sticker to help@myremovablestickers.com and we’ll prepare the Word template and email the template to you for printing.

To order removable sticker sheets, visit our Buy Removable Stickers page for pricing and quantity discounts.