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Stickers That Won’t Peel

Sticker ResidueI recently found the remnants of a sticker on the side of an expensive gift bag.  What a complete waste!

Why take a gift bag that can be easily recycled and ruin it with a permanent sticker?  With the continued emphasis on being green, wouldn’t reusing gift bags be a practical move?

Keep My Removable Stickers on hand to eliminate such waste. Our easy peel labels leave no remnants and no sticky residue.Gift Bags With Removable Stickers

This issue goes beyond gift bags. I’ve seen stickers damage furniture, computer equipment, pictures, important documents and clothing.  They can also make a mess of your storage bins when an old sticker won’t peel off the container.

Here’s another thing to consider.  How much time do you waste trying to peel off a sticker from an item you want to save?  Consider the lost opportunity cost when you spend 20 minutes trying to scrape a sticker off  with your finger nail or a kitchen knife.  The sticker comes off slowly, piece by piece.

If you want to save the information on a sticker, My Removable Stickers allows you to do that too. Our removable stickers have a deadened adhesive on the bottom of the sticker back that makes peeling our stickers so much easier than the generic removable sticker. You can peel the sticker and place it elsewhere to save the sticker message or reuse the sticker again.  Test our removable stickers with a starter pack and see how much time (and how many gift bags!) you’ll save.