Stickers as Touch Points

What are touch points? They are communications between the seller and the buyer. They could be phone calls, letters, emails, blogs, personal visits, meetings, keywords in Google, or any other communication that takes place between you and your potential customer.

Why are Touch Points important? The seller must convince the buyer that the product or service being offered performs and delivers the desired results. The transaction must be based on trust and confidence. It often takes many Touch Points to build that type of confidence, particularly if that customer is new. Some communication specialists say that it can take as many as ten Touch Points for a transaction to be consummated. Others could take only one, often depending on the reputation of the company and the confidence the buyer has in that company’s product or service.

Current online marketing strategies involve Touch Points that are critically important to building a trustworthy relationship between the buyer and the seller. It is time consuming and often costly. Each Touch Point must be carefully designed, implemented, and executed with the understanding that every Touch Point either builds or potentially breaks down (e.g., a misspelled name, an incorrect invoice) the relationship between the buyer and the seller. Testimonials are very good endorsements and favorable online comments from customers are most helpful. Unfavorable ones can literally bring business to a halt.  Removable Sticker Touch Point Lunch

Long after a sale has been consummated, the Touch Points never stop. In today’s electronic media environment, there are many ways to say “thanks” or ask for another order. However, sometimes those electronic Touch Points are missed among the multitude of electronic communication. Consider using a more durable Touch Point such as our removable stickers. They can be easily attached to a product, envelope or invoice as an effective Touch Point that stays with the customer, especially when the customer resticks the message in a prominent place as a reminder.

Did you ever wonder how many Touch Points it took for you to either buy or sell a product? Track your next sale or purchase and discover the many Touch Points that surround you daily.