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Sticker Coupons Stay With Your Customer

Sticker Coupons Stay With Your Customer

Apparel Discount Sticker

Reach Your Customers Today With A Message They’ll Remember Tomorrow

If you primarily communicate with your customers via email and social media, reevaluate your marketing strategy.  Sure, social media is entertaining.  Twitter can be addicting.  But tweets, just like emails and Facebook postings, scroll off your phone or tablet. 

We used to say, here today, gone tomorrow.   With phone and computer advertising,  it’s more like – here this minute, gone the next.

How do you get your customers to remember you?

Take college bookstores, for example.   Students arrive in late August and visit the bookstore, perhaps for last minute textbook purchases (if they’ve already ordered online) or perhaps to purchase or rent their entire semester of books.  How can college bookstores entice students back to the store in September?

When I was in school, the student body was a captive audience.  If you needed last minute school supplies or college apparel for the big football game, you went to the campus bookstore. You couldn’t order from Amazon or some other online company and have it shipped to your dorm.

Today, how can college bookstores compete against online stores?

Use a removable coupon sticker that can be attached to a customer’s Bookstore Return 10 Percent Off Couponreceipt, shopping bag or any purchased item.  [Our stickers peel easily and leave no sticky residue.]   Encourage students to return to the bookstore for additional school supplies or apparel purchases by offering a discount for just such a purchase.

Set the expiration date on the sticker for just a couple weeks in the future.  Why so soon?   Because you want them back now.  Persuade them to return to your store and to check out what else you offer – fictional books, a coffee bar, late night munchies.  The more familiar they become with your bookstore departments and offerings, the more likely they’ll remember your store when they need something.

Not only are My Removable Stickers easy to peel, they don’t disappear from sight after a minute.  The recipient can stick the removable coupon sticker on the frig or laptop or wall as a reminder to return to the store.

Here’s another added benefit.  With My Removable Sticker sheets, you can print as many stickers as you need at one time – with an expiration date just a few weeks out.  You’re not required to print 1,000 stickers at one time with the same date.

My Removable Stickers don’t disappear in the blink of an eye, they stick with you!  Removable coupon stickers are here today and here tomorrow.

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