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Boxing For A Home Rehab

Boxing For A Home Rehab

I admit to watching HGTV before I retire in the evening.  I like to guess which house they will choose on House Hunters.  I like to watch remodels and marvel that Property Brothers can take over a home and make it spectacular, all in six weeks.  We can barely find time to grout a few shower tiles after six weeks.HGTV Kitchen

I love the before and after images.  Not only have they moved walls so that it doesn’t look like the same house, they’ve changed the color scheme and added new furniture with just the right accent pieces.  The result – a beautiful home that’s picture perfect.

Of course, the home looks perfect because it’s not being actively used. Last week, I heard one of  the Property Brothers say to the homeowner – start boxing and then something along the lines – you have a day and then we’ll be back to start demolition.

Moving Sticker Room ContentsBox your house in a day? Unless you have professional help, that’s not possible. Could you even pack your kitchen and family room in a day? Just imagine the disarray with so many things being rapidly tossed into boxes. Where do you store everything? Perhaps in the basement, unless that is undergoing a remodel too. Otherwise, you’d need to rent a storage unit or a POD for your driveway.

Would there be time to tag the boxes with room and content information as we so often suggest when using My Removable Stickers? Perhaps the next best option would be to color code the rooms (using the border color) and write one word one each sticker. Dishes. Toaster. Towels. Books.Packing Box Stickers Removable

As I reflect more on this, I now understand why so many homeowners choose to ‘list it” on HGTV’s Love It Or List It. I used to think that the “list it” choice always occurred when it was the wife who wanted to move. But it’s more than that. The wife knows, despite the beauty of the home remodel, that all her household items now stored in a POD can no longer fit in the house. And since she’s attached to so many of those items, as antiquated as some might be, it’s better to start again someplace new where there’s a possibility she can display her grandmother’s china.

Order our colored removable stickers today so that you have them on hand when it’s your time to ‘start boxing’  for your home remodel.  And be sure to make room after the remodel for your favorite treasures.

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