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Rental Textbook Reminders

Rental Textbook Reminders

Many college bookstores use our removable stickers to attach a rental due date reminder onto their rental textbooks each semester. Some schools also include a “fine print” sticker that tells the student what is allowed when renting a textbook. Can it be highlighted? Can you write a few notes in the margin? What does “return in good condition” mean?

I feel like a textbook pro. I have four girls in college now. While we saved money over the years to pretty much cover their tuition, we do expect them to pay their own textbook costs, to put a little skin in the game, so to speak.

Why? When they use their summer earnings to pay for textbooks, they are more likely to search for the best price, return the rental books on time, avoid exorbitant shipping fees, borrow from a friend, use a library copy and resell many of their books back when the semester ends. It teaches them to be responsible, with their expenses and with the care of their textbooks.

As you can imagine, it’s a bit crazy with four students and so many courses and books around the house at one time. We’ve actually had to order the same book at the same time for classes at different colleges. Who owns that textbook? Is it a rental? Was it borrowed? Sadly, not all books come with a removable sticker stating that it’s a rental or when it’s due.

In the fall, one of my daughters had a solution. She ordered a starter pack of removable stickers so that she could label each and every textbook for that semester. She tagged them as either a rental (and the rental source), a borrowed book (and the source) or a purchased book. If purchased, she noted the source and dollar amount she spent. Now, as classes finish, she has a clear idea which rental books have to be returned to the campus bookstore or to a friend. She also knows which ones she can sell and has a target price in mind for the book value.

My Removable Stickers can be placed on the textbook cover, spine or even on the inside cover page.  The sticker will peel easily and leaves no sticky residue.

If you need something to give your college student this holiday season, order a starter pack of removable stickers, 72 stickers, 6 different colors, for $6 plus shipping and tell them to tag and organize their textbooks this winter term!  If you can get them to pay for their textbooks too, that’s even better.

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