My Removable Stickers

Removable Stickers On Sheets

Paper, not vinyl, removable stickers
No sticky residue
Corner peel tab
Customize with Word template

Print your own unique message

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These easy peel removable stickers are safe on furniture, computers, equipment, walls, mirrors, windows, books, containers, documents, packages and gift bags. With a unique corner peel tab, they are perfect as moving stickers, textbook stickers or as covid-19 notices.

Create your own customized message to print on each removable sticker using our free sticker template. Then print your message using a laser printer, inkjet printer or high speed copier. We can also create your template design. That’s a free service of My Removable Stickers.

Create your own removable moving sticker.Each sticker is 2.5″ x 2.5″ with a ‘peel & restick’ tab. Each sheet is 8.5″ x 11″ for easy printing and contains 12 removable stickers. You can write directly on the stickers too with a pen, pencil, marker or crayon.

My Removable Stickers leave no sticky residue. They will stick firmly in place (even after a year) but peel easily when you want to remove them.  Since they are restickable too, you can restick them, anywhere, time and time again.

Removable Sticker Color Choices:
Red, Blue, Green, Purple, Yellow, Orange, White

You will receive an automatic quantity discount when ordering 5+ , 10+ or 25+ packs at one time.   Shop now for My Removable Stickers. We also have a Starter Set for $6 (6 sheets, 72 stickers).

All colors are in stock. 

$24.95 Per Pack of 300 Stickers
16% Off – 5+ Packs ($20.96 per pack)
32% Off – 10+ Packs ($16.97 per pack)
40% Off – 25+ Packs ($14.97 per pack)

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Removable Stickers For Moving or Textbooks - 6 Border Colors