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Removable Stickers For Your Book Collection

Removable Stickers For Your Book Collection

During the course of one’s lifetime, we collect many books that are placed on shelves and in various locations in the home. Book CollectionSome are gifts, some inscribed by the giver and even a few signed by the author. I have a Duncan Hines cookbook passed down from my great aunt with a signature by Duncan Hines himself. Our bookshelves are also full of college economic and business textbooks which we considered expensive at the time but would be a steal at today’s textbook prices. Some books have a sentimental history, such as books by Dr. Seuss and Bill Martin, Jr., that were given to my children and which we read over and over again. I can still recite Chicka Chicka Boom Boom from memory.

Ultimately there will come a day when these books will need to be moved. Some of the books may go to family, friends and the local library. Relocation can be stressful enough without trying to arbitrarily decide what to do with an entire private book collection. Often, in the crunch of time, these books are placed in boxes and, with little guidance, given away or discarded without consideration to their  history or value. I have witnessed this firsthand and in most cases, lost books cannot be recovered.

Wouldn’t it be great then, if prior to downsizing, you earmarked books with a recommended recipient? Often, you have an idea as to what books are of interest to certain people, particularly people in your family. It would be a shame to discard a book that a child or grandchild would enjoy, especially books that reflect an important story that they read, wrote or was tied to family history.Duncan Hines Cookbook With Removable Sticker

It takes little effort to put a removable sticker on a book, whether on the inside cover page or directly on the book cover. It’s safe to attach anywhere as it can be easily removed without leaving any sticky residue. Labeling your books is a simple process. You can write the name of the designated recipient on a removable sticker, place it on that book and put the book back on the shelf until it is time to move your collection.Removable Book Stickers

Not all books will be given to friends, immediate family and relatives. Some may go to libraries, other donation venues, used book stores or yard sales. However, if you take the time now to tag and identify books by their designated recipient, it will make your downsizing effort so much easier.  You can also put a removable sticker on DVDs, CDs, photo albums or artwork to designate a suggested recipient.

When the downsizing day arrives, whether you are moving or cleaning out a home, those entrusted to help with this task will know what to do with each book.


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