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Removable Sticker Test

What can you expect when using My Removable Stickers? Take a look at this sticker text. The attached pictures tell the story. The stickers with borders in the images below are My Removable Stickers. The solid white sticker is a ‘removable white matte’ sticker sold by a different company.

We added the stickers to a variety of box types and placed them in a bathroom with a high moisture content. Which stickers would stick?

After three days, the white (not My Removable Stickers) began to peel from the brown boxes.

One white sticker even fell off the brown box.

My Removable Stickers (bordered stickers) all remained in place. Two white stickers also remained in place on the light colored boxes so after ten days, we peeled and reattached them.

All four stickers were peeled and reattached. You’ll notice the white one has now curled and you can also see the remains of cardboard on the back of the white sticker.  You don’t want that to happen.

All of our colored border removable stickers peeled cleanly and reattached easily.

In the image above, both of these stickers were peeled from a Macy’s gift box and then reattached.  The white sticker doesn’t have a clean reattachment. See the wrinkles?

Try My Removable Stickers.

You’ll be much more satisfied with our stickiness, easy peel and reattachment characteristics. Plus our border colors can make your message pop and are perfect when trying to tag and sort various moving items!

Stick with My Removable Stickers.