Colored Removable Stickers / Restickable / No Sticky Residue

Removable Moving Stickers for House/Condo/Apartment Relocation

Removable Moving Stickers for House/Condo/Apartment Relocation

Looking at other websites that sell moving and packing stickers for households, four complaints repeatedly surface in the comments:

  • The room labels don’t match my house.
  • There aren’t enough colors in this package.
  • There’s no place to write anything on the sticker.
  • I wish these stickers were removable so I could put them on furniture.

When moving, you should label each and every item. Hand write or print information like room and item details on the stickers. Use colors to identify different floor or rooms in your home to streamline the unloading process.

Colored Removable Stickers - Perfect For Moving, Packing & Storage

My Removable Stickers have 12 (2.5″ x 2.5″) removable stickers per sheet.

Permanent stickers are a problem. They damage your furniture. If they don’t leave paper residue that you have to slowly scrape off, they leave adhesive residue on the finish.

My Removable Stickers are manufactured with a unique removable adhesive and a peel tab at the bottom for easy removal. We’ve tested the stickers for a month, 6 months, a year and even longer. They stay attached and then peel easily, leaving no sticky residue.

You can also reattach My Removable Stickers. They won’t curl up like other removable stickers that we’ve tested. If you label an item with the wrong sticker, just peel it off and stick it on the correct item.

Write or print anything you want inside the colored border to help organize your move.

Printing customized moving stickers for your home relocation is simple.  One option – create your own sticker content using our free design software or a blank Word template.  Another option – download the Word template for any of the moving sticker examples below for a quick start.  Click on any of them images to open the template.

Removable Moving Sticker Template - Owner Room Item

Owner Room Item – Word Template

Removable Moving Sticker Template - Floor Room Item

Floor Room Item – Word Template

Removable Moving Sticker Template - Owner Item Floor Room

Owner Item Floor Room – Word Template

Removable Moving Sticker Template - Living Room

Living Room – Word Template

Here’s how to get started.  Order a pack of stickers (25 sheets of one color) or multiple starter packs (6 sheets, 6 colors), open the Word document and print the content onto your removable sticker sheets.  Add room or box details and you’re ready to pack boxes and label furniture, computers, TVs, mirrors, etc.

If you have an idea for a different moving sticker, email with your idea and we’ll create and post your template so that others can use the same idea. We also have free templates ready for each room in a house.  Email us and ask for them.

We currently stock six border colors (red, blue, green, yellow, orange and purple) as well as an all white sticker.

If you still need colors, order the all white removable stickers and print additional colors onto the stickers.  For example, here’s a template for pink removable stickers with Floor, Room and Item fields.

Pink Removable Moving Sticker - Floor Room Item

All Pink Moving Sticker PDF Template – Floor Room Item

If you need other colors, we can create and email you those free templates too.

Sometimes, we have customers who are moving in the next couple of weeks who need preprinted stickers RIGHT AWAY!

If you are pressed for time and want us to print your removable moving sticker content, email and tell us three things: (1) number of sticker colors you need (2) content you’d like on your sticker and (3) how soon you need your stickers. We’ll quickly email a price for the sticker sheets, printing and shipping. Respond, YES PRINT MY STICKERS and we’ll send you an online invoice for payment with your credit card. Once paid, we will print and ship your stickers, usually by the next business day.

Removable Moving Stickers - 12 Per Sheet

Customized Moving Stickers – We can print anything you want on our removable sticker sheets.

Take advantage of these removable moving stickers designed to match your house, condo or apartment, moving stickers that leave no sticky residue!


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Removable Sticker Details

12 Stickers Per Sheet
6 Border Colors or All White Sticker
Sticker Size: 2.5" x 2.5"

Sticker Pack: 25 Sheets
Starter Set: 6 Sheets

All colors are in stock.
Most orders ship the same business day if ordered by noon EST. Visit Shipping Details for more information.

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