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Removable Moving Sticker Template For Business Relocation

Is your business relocating soon?

Here’s a popular business moving sticker template.

Download this free Owner Item Item# Floor Room moving template and print the content onto My Removable Stickers.  Use one our 6 border colors or an all white removable sticker to help quickly identify floors.  For example, all red stickers can be used on the 1st floor, all green stickers on the 2nd floor, all blue stickers on the third floor etc.

Owner Item Item# Floor Room Template For My Removable Stickers

Removable Moving Sticker Template


Learn more about My Removable Stickers and their easy peel properties.

We also offer other free sticker templates.  Download any of these for your own use, even if you don’t purchase our removable stickers.

Click here to see our border color choices.

Our removable stickers are safe on furniture, boxes, containers, documents, equipment (computers, printers) and books. You can safely stick My Removable Stickers anywhere for as long as you need them. They’ll peel easily after a week, month or even a year.

With full adhesive along the back, My Removable Stickers attach firmly to any flat or hard surface. The adhesive is strong enough to stick on your items but peels easily when you want to remove it and leaves no sticky residue.

Plan a successful move with My Removable Stickers.