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Removable Moving Labels

Use My Removable Stickers as moving labels that streamline your moving process.Moving Stickers - With Unique Data

You can easily customize these labels with identification data such as building number, floor number, room and description.  The adhesive is strong enough to stay in place but peels easily and leaves no sticky residue.

Watch this short video to learn more how My Removable Stickers are being used by Office Relocation Professionals.

To order your free removable label moving kit to help you create unique moving labels with data from an Excel file, click on the link below.

Order Free Removable Label Moving Kit

Here are other moving label ideas:

Removable Office Moving Label With Barcode

Removable Sticker Sheets - Colored Borders
Each pack of color coded removable labels contains 25 sheets, 12 labels per page, 300 labels per package.  We also offer a starter set with 6 colors, 72 labels.

Order Blank Sticker Sheets.


Pre-Printed Removable Moving Labels

We also offer pre-printed removable moving labels on sheets  with a red border as shown below or we can create a custom moving sticker for you.

These stickers are $32.95 per pack (300 stickers). Additional discounts apply when ordering 1,500 or more pre-printed moving stickers.

Click here to order our Pre-Printed Moving Labels – either the standard one above or a custom moving label.