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Removable Labels

Removable Labels

Removable Color Coded Moving Labels Help Eliminate Moving Hassles

We’ve all been burned by labels that are permanently stuck – on a desk or computer monitor or storage box. It takes hours to peel up the label’s adhesive, little by little. The desk often has a permanent sticky area. I have an antique desk from my grandmother with just such a sticky spot.Customized Removable Moving Label

Removable sticker labels are the solution. They give you the flexibility to identify your belongings on a temporary basis.

Many people mistakenly think that removable labels fall off shortly after you stick them somewhere. Traditional Post-It-Notes have that problem. They don’t have enough adhesive to remain adhered to a box or desk or lamp. Imagine labeling your moving boxes with Post-It-Notes and having them blow across your yard while you are loading the moving truck!  That’s as upsetting as labeling your lamp shade or desk with a sticker that won’t peel off.

Our removable color coded labels have full adhesive along the back of the label. They stick firmly to any flat surface. They stick even when wet, although we don’t recommend them as an all weather label for long term use because they aren’t waterproof.Removable Moving Label

If you place these colored removable labels on moving boxes, furniture, computer equipment, filing cabinets or book shelves, the labels will stay firmly in place during your move.  Then, as you unpack and get organized, the moving labels can be easily peeled from the item and they leave no sticky residue.  Should you decide to leave a box packed, the labels remain in place on your boxes long after your move is complete!

Our six color choices can help you identify room or floor selection.  When coupled with our free sticker design software, you can create and print your own customized removable moving labels in less than an hour.

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Removable Sticker Details

12 Stickers Per Sheet
6 Border Colors or All White Sticker
Sticker Size: 2.5" x 2.5"

Sticker Pack: 25 Sheets
Starter Set: 6 Sheets

All colors are in stock.
Most orders ship the same business day if ordered by noon EST. Visit Shipping Details for more information.

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