Removable Labels or Stickers?

What’s in a name? We’ve been selling stickers for more than 6 years. We call them removable stickers. But are they actually removable labels?

What’s the difference? It actually depends on how you decide to use them.

Here’s a good explanation from DYMO. Are My Removable Stickers used to identify a thing? Provide information about a thing? Or are they the thing?

Certainly, the popularity of stickers has increased in the last five years. Think about stickers on laptops that let you broadcast your affiliation with an organization or a belief in something. Or a sticker that just makes you feel good. What about emoji stickers?

Frequently, My Removable Stickers carry information which, by definition, makes them a label. But they begin as a blank slate – with just a colored border. So that why we call them stickers. You get to decide what you want to do with them. Label a textbook rental? Use as a moving sticker? Get organized? Advertise a sale? Create a check list? Use as a coupon?

How will you use My Removable Stickers?