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Removable Food Labels

Food waste abounds, at grocery stores, at restaurants and at home. In the United States, we throw away one third of the food supply each year. This amount has increased, year by year, since 1960.  At home, the average family wastes about 20% of their groceries.

Discarded food is a significant problem, both in the US and abroad. It’s disturbing that while we so non-nonchalantly toss food, others go hungry. France recently passed a law that mandates that grocery stores donate produce and package goods to charities if they reach their “use by” date and aren’t yet sold.

How do we combat food waste?Food Containers

First, let’s address food waste at home. You go to the expense of buying various sizes of plastic containers like Glad, Ziploc and Rubbermaid to store leftover food items in your refrigerator. The more containers you have (and the larger your refrigerator), the more leftovers you can keep. And then, after awhile, your refrigerator fills up with all those containers.

Which item is oldest? Which items have spoiled?

Leftovers are only safely usable by a certain date as outlined here by Taste of Home. And if you have no idea when the food container went into the frig, how long should you keep it?  As suggested by Taste of Home, when in doubt throw them out.

But what a waste!

Here’s an easy solution.

You can combat and diminish the amount of food wasted at home by applying a removable sticker label on the container as you store it in your refrigerator or freezer.  Download our Food Label Template (in Word format) and print a stack of removable stickers labels onto My Removable Sticker Sheets.

OrangeFood Label Template - My Removable Stickers

Or just write the item name and date you prepared it (or brought it home as a restaurant leftover) onto a blank sticker with a pen, pencil, marker or crayon.  If you’re so inclined, you can also add a use by date, source or even a serving size estimate to the food label.

Leftover Label Removable Sticker Template
Click on image to download this “Date and Item” food label template in PDF format. Then print this template onto a My Removable Sticker sheet. At a minimum, just write down the date and food item name on a blank sticker before putting leftover food in the frig.

You can safely attach the sticker to any container lid and it won’t leave behind any sticky residue. My Removable Stickers work well in both the refrigerator and freezer. When you’ve finished with the food item, simply peel off and dispose of the label, wash the container and apply a new food label the next time you fill the container.

With a label on your refrigerator food items, you can follow the first in, first out approach, and consume your food before it spoils.

Eliminate food waste at home with My Removable Stickers.