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Removable Dorm Stickers

Removable Dorm Stickers

ADorm Supplies 1s I prepare to send four young adults to college next week, our house is full of dorm room supplies, school supplies, toiletries, electronics, clothing and accessories. I had high hopes that all these things would fit in their bedrooms as they packed.

No such luck.  Everything is overflowing – the bedrooms, the upstairs hallway, the dining room and the basement. We’ve given up entertaining anyone but their friends – who think it’s great to look at what they are taking to college and don’t seem troubled by the mess.

customized-dorm-stickers-1Our situation was ripe for an organizational revamp with My Removable Stickers.  As the piles started to merge together, creating and tagging the supplies with dorm stickers was the obvious solution.

We assigned a unique border color to each daughter.  We also customized each sticker by printing their name, dorm and room number onto the stickers. You can use this dorm sticker template to get started.

The colored border makes it easy to identify ownership of each item throughout our house. As we load the cars next week, we can be sure that all the ‘red’ stickers are heading to the right college. In addition, we realized that the customized name/dorm/room sticker will make unloading the items that much easier too. At one school, volunteers will be there to help unload the car. While I know the school has been doing this for many years, I can easily envision items being delivered to the wrong room.  Having customized dorm stickers will help eliminate that concern.  Given that we are transporting more than one daughter and her supplies in the same van at the same time to the same school, these color coded tags are even more of a necessity.    Dorm Stickers On Items 1

When the dorm rooms are unpacked and items no longer require a label, the removable stickers can be peeled without leaving a trace of sticky residue. I am sending extra removable stickers sheets along with each daughter, some printed with their names and some just as blank sheets.  I’m sure they will find many uses for the stickers – and I’m hoping they snap pictures and send ideas back to me!

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