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Refrigerator Food Waste

Refrigerator Food Waste

Despite my best attempts, I find it very hard after 15+ years of six person dinners to accurately prepare a two person meal. I overestimate portions all the time. Even when I decrease the recipe size, we still have too much food and usually put three leftover containers in the refrigerator after every dinner.Leftovers Without Labels

Thankfully, my husband will eat leftovers for lunch but he can’t keep up with the amount of dinner remnants in our refrigerator. We even set aside one evening a week as eftover night, feeling pleased when we finish a few containers.

Prior to the departure of our girls to their respective colleges, I would sometimes attach one of our removable stickers [penned with DO NOT EAT or SAVE FOR SATURDAY] to an item.  This would ensure that the ingredient would still be available when I went to prepare dinner that evening or weekend.

I never labeled other items in our refrigerator because our leftovers disappeared too quickly. The girls would arrive home after high school, late in the afternoon, absolutely starving. Leftovers frequently disappeared before they started their homework.

Now, with all of them in college and without dates on the containers, we have to rely on memory to determine when the dish was made. Sometimes it’s easy. Dinner from last night is safe to eat!  If the leftover was served when the girls were home on winter break, now some three weeks ago, the contents go in the trash. Other items are harder to identify.

It becomes a guessing game. Or worse yet, one of us must open the container and perform the smell test. I hate that job. I also dislike having to wash out containers with the lingering smell of rotten food. Removable Sticker For Leftovers

Eliminate the mystery of your leftovers with a removable sticker that identifies the the item name and date. It’s also advantageous to list special dietary facts like gluten free or dairy free.

My Removable Stickers can easily solve your refrigerator waste problem. Clean your frig and get organized. This is one New Year’s resolution that I am going to keep.





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