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Peel & Restick Test

We test stickers around our office (and in our homes too). About two weeks ago, we attached three removable stickers to a plastic storage drawer. Then we purposely forgot about them.

The other day, we returned to the drawer. All three brands of removable stickers were still attached to the plastic.

That was good news.

Then we tried to peel and restick these removable stickers. The picture below shows what happened.

We witness this frequently. Some removable stickers attach successfully the first time (Brand A) but they only attach well one time. When you peel and reattach them, the adhesive is weaker and the corners start to turn up. Within a day, the sticker on the left fell off the drawer.

Other removable stickers like Brand B attach successfully and can even be peeled after 24-48 hours. But then, over time, the removable adhesive starts to bond more tightly with the plastic (or wood or glass or computer) so that you can’t easily remove it as shown in the sticker on the right. You end up scraping and repeatedly peeling to get the sticker from the item. You’ll also find adhesive residue on your item.

My Removable Stickers react differently. They can be peeled and reattached many times. They can also be attached to your furniture or containers for more than a year and they will easily peel after that time. Order a starter set (72 stickers) or a single pack of stickers (300 stickers) and give them a test run!