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Organize Your Basement Storage

A number of years ago, I tagged boxes in my basement with removable stickers that identified the general contents of the box or container. Many were filled with keepsakes that belonged to my daughters; old artwork from school classes, report cards, crafts, pictures and various things they deemed important enough to save. Other boxes were filled with items that I inherited from my grandmother, my parents, my in-laws and even my siblings.

My girls graduated from college in May and have since moved off to their own apartments. They were tasked with going through all the items in their rooms and many of the items in the basement before they relocated.

This also gave me the opportunity to go through every box in my basement storage area.  Keep? Donate? Return to owner? Toss?  What a treasure of things I found.

I also re-tagged all my containers. I was able to easily peel the removable stickers that were attached four years ago from the boxes.  I added new tags with the current contents.  I also found (as my eyes aged) that it was best to write the contents using a dark thick marker (like a Sharpie) rather than a fine ball point pen. Basements (and garages) often have dim lighting and it can be hard to read a sticker unless the writing/printing is bold. [Granted, with My Removable Stickers, you can always peel a sticker from a box and take it directly under the basement light to read what you wrote!]

This has been a significant project and the result is not perfect. I’m sure I could have hired a professional organizer to make it look a bit more uniform or paid a contractor to build heavy duty storage shelves to hold the tubs. I still have boxes in the basement tagged with my daughters’ names and when they move to bigger apartments, they will be taking those boxes with them!

But this is a great start – and I love knowing what is in each box.