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Neighborhood Veterans

Neighborhood Veterans

I live outside Washington, DC, in an area that once was farmland.  Twelve years ago, as a result of urban sprawl, housing developments erupted in this area and my family moved into a newly built colonial in September 2001.   We actually closed on our house the day after 9/11, not even sure if the bank would be open for us to secure a check for our down payment.  But I digress.Flags Veterans Day

In a new housing area, everyone moves in around the same time.  You don’t have one new neighbor – everyone’s a new neighbor!

So why do I write about this on Veterans Day?  Simply because I am surrounded by Veterans.  Next door on the left side, a retired Marine officer with 25 years of service.  On the right side, a former Army sergeant who is now a Secret Service agent.  Across the street, a retired Naval Officer.  To the left and right of this Naval Officer, a Navy veteran on one side and an Army veteran on the other.  We fly the U.S. flag proudly in this neighborhood.

Do I feel safe here?  You better believe I do.  And it’s not just because my Secret Service neighbor drives a black sedan that screams FBI or Secret Service.  These veterans keep abreast of neighborhood happenings, listen to police scanners, call hotlines when helicopters are overhead and flash badges when kids are smoking pot down by the river trail.  These veterans are proactive in making sure our neighborhood is safe, the same thing they did when in service to our country. Veterans Thank You

We live safe and sound in our neighborhood.  We take extended trips, secure in our knowledge that others are watching over our home. I am thankful for our good neighbors but even more so, I am thankful for the service they provided to our country starting more than 35 years ago.   It’s an honor to live among the proud and the brave.


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