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National Walk To School Month

Removable Sticker Walk To School Day

October is National Walk to School month.

Students are encouraged to walk or bike to school as a way to promote physical activity and a cleaner environment.  Students often wear school “spirit wear” or school colors.  They begin at selected starting points so that many students walk together as a festive group.

Upon their arrival to school, students are rewarded with a sticker that acknowledges their particpation in the walk to school event.  They proudly wear the sticker all day.

Schools can use My Removable Stickers to create their own customized Walk To School Sticker.  Using  this blank Word template, school personnel can easily add the school name, a logo, the walking date and any customized message inside the colorful sticker border.

Students can also restick their removable reward sticker anywhere after they arrive home – on the frig, inside a scrapbook or on their bedroom wall – to remind them of their accomplishment.

To learn more about National Walk To School month, visit walk the Walk-Bike-To-School  website or their Facebook page.  Introduce Walk To School opportunities at your school!