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Moving? Organize Now, Not Later.

In her article 10 Ways To Get Organized For A Move, Laura Gaskill concisely identifies the steps you should take to get ready for your move. Get Organized Removable Sticker

Start these tasks long before your move date. Are there things in your basement or garage that you’ve not used for years? Donate them to an organization that will make good use of them. Go through your books, DVDs, CDs and magazines. Donate books to a library or take them to a used book store.

Use My Removable Stickers to help with Step 7:

“Use an easy labeling system. Try color-coding box labels depending on which room the box will go in, and then number each box. Keep a separate record with a list of the contents of each numbered box. Then, when you are unpacking, you can simply check your master list to see which box you need.”

Color Coded Removable StickersWith six border colors, use My Removable Stickers to assign a color to a floor or room. If you need additional colors, order our white removable stickers and add your own color. Then write on the stickers or use this blank Word template to create color coded moving labels that work best for your situation. You can print on these removable sticker sheets using any laser or inkjet printer. List the contents of the box on the sticker or label the box by number and keep a separate list of the contents.

Moving Sticker Room ContentsFloor Room Piece Moving StickerColor Coded Moving StickerMoving Label Removable Restickable

My Removable Stickers are safe to use on any item in your home or office. They won’t leave any sticky residue. Use them on furniture, electronics, containers, etc. They stay firmly in place for as long as you need them and peel up easily when you want them removed.

If you need help designing your removable moving sticker, we will help you create your sticker template for free. Let My Removable Stickers make your move a bit easier.