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Moving Day

Moving Day

After having an office for some twenty years, the landlord gave my wife a 60 day notice that her lease would not be renewed. After studying the situation, it made sense to move from a commercial office space to our home. It took a great deal of effort to get ready, both at the house and at her office. Once we knew that we would complete this project within the 60 day time frame, we called Two Men and a Truck and scheduled the date for moving the various office fixtures and supplies to our house, which was about fifteen miles away.Two Men & A Truck

Over the years, we’ve had the occasion to use Two Men and a Truck several times, always with great results. This time was no exception. They do require, however, that every item to be moved – whether packaged, wrapped, or loose – needs to be identified.

Having successfully used My Removable Stickers for other organizational and promotional endeavors, it was time to put these stickers to use for myself as a moving tool.  We had sold thousands of My Removable Stickers to many companies before, but this was the first time we had used them for our own relocation.  Their removable adhesive makes them the perfect sticker choice as they leave no trace of sticky residue.  We moved desks, computers, books, office supplies, chairs, and many, many boxes. We had five areas within the house that each Unloading Moving Truckitem had to be allocated to and the sticker was used to identify the area.

On the day before the move, my assistant and I made the final arrangements to package and tag everything and get it ready for Two Men and a Truck. We took some pictures that you will see at various stages, and indeed, they sent two very talented, experienced men, who worked as a team to make sure that our needs were met, and, above all, they were well trained to practice safe conditions about lifting and moving.

They loaded the truck and arrived at the house, where on that end, my assistant and I were ready to help them locate those rooms in the house. The move went very smoothly, and eventually the items were relocated to their proper place for us to unpack at a later time. The men worked very hard, going up and down steps, carrying heavy items, and positioning them in the exact location as designated on the stickers.Moving Boxes Tagged With Removable Stickers

And now that the office is closed and the move is behind us, it will take some time to unpack and get things in their precise place; and there are some things we will have to discard. But because each item is identified with a sticker that has removable adhesive, we can get to that detail as our time permits. A well planned move, with all items organized and identified on removable stickers as outlined above, makes the relocation from an office that you’ve had for many years not nearly as stressful. While moving can be a headache and a sometimes a problem, consider using some of the same principles that we practiced for our move to eliminate your troubles.

Jim DeLapa

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