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Mother’s Day Reminder & Free Template

If you need Mother’s Day stickers for your Mom or Grandma or Aunt or best friend, here’s a free removable sticker template that you can download.  Since our stickers can be attached anywhere and then easily peeled, you can place these stickers all over the house on Mother’s Day (Sunday, May 9) to celebrate your Mom.

We’re posting this idea and template as a courtesy reminder so you don’t forget about your Mom….and to give you enough time to go shopping if necessary.

Or, to simplify your life, you can order a pack of removable stickers now for your Mom so that she can use them in her house – to tag boxes in the basement or post daily reminders on her frig or label furniture, tubs, books – anything!  Our removable stickers will peel easily from any surface and leave no sticky residue.  My Mom uses these removable stickers frequently and we love that every tub in her basement is marked with the contents of the tub so we know where to find anything in her house.

Use THANKSMOM as the promo code in the shopping cart and we’ll take $5 off any single pack ($24.95) order now through Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day Template For My Removable Stickers

Learn more about My Removable Stickers and their easy peel properties here.

We also offer other free sticker templates.  Download any of these, even if you don’t purchase our removable stickers.

Please note. We also offer quantity discounts when ordering 5 or more removable sticker packs.  These discounts are automatically applied and will save you more money than the THANKSMOM code.  So if you decide to order 5 packs of removable stickers, let the automatic savings kick in and you will save $19.95, not $5.  What a way to save!