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More Removable Sticker Uses

There are obvious ways to use My Removable Stickers – on furniture, boxes, containers, documents, textbooks.  We list a variety of ideas above in our USES section.

Because they so easily peel, stick and restick, there are many additional removable sticker uses. I arrive at a new sticker uses almost weekly.  Starting today, I’m going to add at least one new idea each week.  Some only require one sticker.  Some require more.  Periodically I will include pictures.

As they leave no sticky residue, you can put the stickers anywhere and know that you can peel them easily and safely when their use is finished.

  •  Hide your laptop or phone camera if you don’t want software spying on you!

  • Close an open cookie bag. Not all cookies have a resealable opening. Use a removable sticker to easily close the bag and then peel it off when you want another cookie.
Sticker To Seal Cookies
Use a removable sticker to seal your bag of cookies to keep them fresh.


  • Prepare classrooms or offices with required Covid-19 notices.
Covid Removable Sticker Room Sanitized
Sanitize a room and log the date on a removable sticker attached to door.


  • Use removable stickers to remind employees and students about coronavirus safety precautions.

  • Order some stickers for your parents so they can tag all the items in their basement or storage area.  Check out my Mom’s basement. She’s using an older version of our stickers but see how helpful this is? When she sends us downstairs, we can find what she’s asked us to get!

  • We’ve tried electronic shopping lists but still find it’s easier to write down what we need at the grocery store and then attach the removable sticker to our wallet so we don’t forget the list. Once in the store, the removable sticker gets attached to the cart or a food item in the cart for easy viewing.

Shopping List Sticker