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Make Your Own Moving Stickers

Make Your Own Moving Stickers

Gallup recently published a study that said Americans love moving, Removable Moving Labelalmost more than residents of any other country. Their research showed that 24% of the people in the US moved somewhere else in the US during the last 5 years. Wow!  That’s a bonanza of business for moving companies, especially when those households are being relocated by their current or new employer.  In these cases, movers are often hired to pack, ship and unpack all the belongings.

But what about other moves?  What about those individuals or families moving on their own around the country to find employment or start over in a more prosperous state or just relocate to a different local neighborhood?

I’ve moved five times. Each time I packed myself (and my family). Removable Labels - Organize & Label Your Home or OfficeIt gave me a wonderful opportunity to clean out closets and drawers, donate useful (but no longer needed) items and purge my house of junk. However, each time was an organizational challenge.

Here’s what I needed that I didn’t have then – removable stickers on sheets so I could customize the content (via an inkjet or laser printer) and tag each and every item in my house.

Make Your Own Donation Sticker LabelMoving Label Removable Restickable

Home Organization Sticker - CustomizedCustom Label To Organize Home

Creating your own removable moving stickers or household organizational stickers is easy with My Removable Stickers’ free online sticker design software or this Microsoft Word template.   If you’re rushed for time, you can even write on the sticker.  The colored borders help tremendously with your household organization.

Don’t delay. Clean. Organize. Donate. Move.

We have the sticker tools you need to take control of your next relocation adventure.


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