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Online Connections = Today’s Juice

Online Connections = Today’s Juice

Las Vegas Juice StickerSeveral years ago I lived in Las Vegas and the word JUICE was part of the vernacular used on a regular basis. If you had JUICE, then you were important and friends sought you out to help get something done that they themselves would have difficulty doing on their own. Likewise, you always wanted to find someone who had JUICE to help you get something done on your behalf, often through the involvement of a third party who had JUICE. In short, it could be said that JUICE is having a connection with someone who had the equity to get a certain thing done.

For example, if you wanted show tickets to see Frank Sinatra perform at Caesar’s Palace, you really had to have HEAVY JUICEto get in. If you wanted a reservation at a very busy restaurant or tickets to the sold out UNLV Running Rebels game, you really had to have JUICE.

Las Vegas wasn’t the only place where you needed JUICE. Even people who didn’t know they had JUICE and didn’t know that they used JUICE did in fact use it. There is nothing cynical about using your JUICE to help a friend.

Here are other examples. If you had an associate who knew somebody at a college or university and you were trying to get one of your relatives interviewed and put in a favorable position to be accepted, you had to have JUICE. If you wanted a job interview or a critical reference, you’d find someone with JUICE. To get a loan from a bank when you were not fully qualified, you had to find someone with really heavy JUICE to co-sign for you. Why? Because the person who co-signed the loan, the one with the JUICE, would pay back the loan if you couldn’t.

So where do we see JUICE today? It is simple: online connections. LinkedIn’s professional networkis built around the concept of JUICE. Who do you know with a connection to help you find new business? Who do you know who is connected to someone at the company at which you’re interviewing? The open design of LinkedIn, which allows you to see second and third level connections, extensively expands the use of JUICE.

It hasn’t changed much in the last thirty years, just moved online. If you have JUICE you can get things done. JUICE on LinkedIn mean staying connected. Although the number of connections is important, keep in mind that the true value of your JUICE is based on the VALUE of those connections, not just the number of connections. Stay in touch with your connections and know their value. Keep squeezing the JUICE and hopefully, someday, you’ll realize the career or sales success that you are striving to attain.   ~ Jim DeLapa

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