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If You Don’t Know Where You’re Going

If You Don’t Know Where You’re Going

Several years ago, Yogi Berra had a famous quote that said “If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll end up some place else.” Author David Campbell wrote a book with a similar title, If You Don’t Know Where You’re Going, You Will Probably End Up Somewhere Else.

If You Don't Know Book Cover David CampbellDr. Campbell points out to readers the many paths to a satisfying and successful life and how you have to plan and determine where you want your life to go. The book is written in a most whimsical way oriented toward high school students who are struggling with decisions about college and career.  I have given many copies of this book to youngsters in my family and those of my friends.

To a degree, when you are moving from one location to another, whether a home or an office move, and there are literally hundreds of different items of different shapes and sizes that have to be designated as to where they are going, the same principle applies. If those items to be moved don’t know where they’re going, they may end up someplace else.

If that does happLabel Every Box To Be Moveden, getting them back to the right place could be logistical nightmare that takes time.  From personal experience, a successful move requires that you label each and every item to be moved. Thus if something goes to Aunt Sally, it is so marked. If it is to be discarded, it is marked.  If it is to be moved to a certain room or location, it’s very easy to use a blank sticker with a pen to simply mark where the item is to go. It’s fast; it’s efficient and best of all, if you use My Removable Stickers for your labels, they can be peeled after the move and leave no sticky residue.

Try a starter set of our stickers to see what we are talking about.  Available in six border colors, you can easily color code your move location by floor or room.Removable Sticker Packs Large

Avoid having items that don’t know where they are going. Use My Removable Stickers to identify the item and its ultimate destination.

~ Jim DeLapa

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