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How To Fix A Published Mistake

Publishing can be an unforgiving field. Posting online is easier. When you fine (just kidding) a mistake, edit it and update the article.

Printed material is another matter. Did you print an incorrect phone number on a piece of literature? Or has the number changed? Have you relocated your office but still have 800 high quality brochures on hand?  change-of-address-sticker

Sometimes you find that your printed material can be interpreted incorrectly….so you need to fine tune the brochure to clarify a point. Or, even worse, you print incorrect instructions on how to use your product.

Try this quick solution. Attach a customized removable sticker to your printed material to minimize the print error. My Removable Stickers can be attached anywhere and they leave no sticky residue. Place a sticker on your product packaging, a brochure, envelope or instructional manual.

As Joyce Turner-Gionet states in her article Yikes! Is That a Typo? Trash Typos Before They Trash You,

“you don’t want to be cringing over it for the life of the piece.”

She also includes steps to follow before you publish to help avoid errors. My favorite – always be sure to have another set of eyes proofread your work.

While not all published errors can be fixed by attaching customized removable stickers that cover your printed blunder, this inexpensive solution might help you sleep better at night and extend the life of your printed material.

Removable Sticker Adds Info To Brochure

And if your printed mistake has you feeling down, check out these expensive blunders and you will feel better.

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