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Hidden Gem About Textbook Rentals

Hidden Gem About Textbook Rentals

Here’s why I recommend rental textbooks – and it’s not just because they cost less. First, I’m a firm believer that physical textbooks cause less distraction than ebooks and hence, you learn more, even if you have to lug them around campus.

Textbooks Not Resold

Leftover Books From Last Semester

But here’s the hidden gem with rental textbooks.

If you buy a textbook, whether new or used, you have to decide what to do with it at the end of the semester.  Faced with such a decision, you often don’t get rid of it, even when you should.

You think perhaps it will come in handy next semester, so you keep it. Or you think, I loved Shakespeare’s Sonnets (yes, seriously) and I don’t want to get rid of it. Or you check the resale price and it’s so low that you don’t think it’s worth returning.  Or maybe you hold onto it, thinking the buyback price might be higher in the future. Or, in the worse case, there’s an access code that goes with the book that is no longer valid so the book is pretty worthless.

The bottom line is that last semester’s books are often piled up in a dorm room or bedroom or in a bin in the basement.  And the longer you own them, the more likely they will be out of date and have no resale value when you get around to selling them back.

Granted, there are now plenty of sites to discover current resale book prices. But what I discovered last spring as I watched one daughter attempt to resell her books is that different bookstores were willing to pay different prices so it would have required her to box one book for one site, another book for another site, payment came weeks or months later or came in the form of vouchers to buy future books, etc.  Kind of an all around pain.  Selling back to her campus bookstore would have been easier but she had already left campus by this time.

As a parent, I love textbook rentals. Less on the pocket book. Books get shipped out of the house and are gone. There’s no end of the semester stress – is this a good return price or should I wait?  Nor do you have to deal with the fact that you paid $232 for a book and are only getting 15% of that price back.  Just ship it back to the rental source or drop it off at your campus textbook renter.  Easy, peasy.  And come home for break!Rental Textbook Removable Sticker Reminder

If you didn’t rent any textbooks this semester, be sure to try textbook rentals next time around. And hopefully, whatever your rental source, they’ll have a removable sticker on the textbook with the rental return date!






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