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Get Organized With Removable Sticker Labels

Get Organized With Removable Sticker Labels

Removable Stickers - 12 On A SheetI am impressed with organized households, especially when that organization carries to hidden areas. Spotless basement storage rooms. Labeled boxes.  My house looks clean – but don’t open my closets!

My solution to date has been to move. Find more storage space.

When I married, we bought a townhouse with plenty of room and space for two people. We quickly filled up that house and subsequently purchased a small single family home. Then after our girls were born, we needed a larger house with more storage space so we found one with walk-in closets and lots of unfinished basement space.

Fast forward ten years. The closets are full of clothes. Four teenagers will do that! The unfinished basement is full of school projects, boxes of memories and the collected accumulation of household items over the past decade.

It’s time for some serious closet and basement organizing.

I found a recent article on closet organizing tips that has superb ideas on what to do with storage containers when you run out of space – by covering them and hiding them in plain sight as coffee tables or sitting areas in children’s rooms.

The article recommends that you “label these plastic storage containers with permanent marker or removable self-adhesive labels.” Please, stay away from permanent markers as you don’t always want to use the same box for the same thing, year after year.  Some day, I hope to get rid of middle school math notebooks and science fair projects!

Rather than using a permanent marker that will needlessly flaw a plastic container, use My Removable Stickers.  You can write on them.  Print on them.  Customize the sticker label content to match your preferred level of organization.  They peel easily and leave no sticky residue.  When it’s time to throw out old middle school notebooks in favor of storing high school yearbooks and memories, you can easily peel the existing removable sticker and replace it with an updated removable sticker that identifies the new contents of your storage container.

My girls and I are putting My Removable Stickers to use in our basement this weekend.  I consider them (both the stickers and my girls) to be the perfect Mother’s Day gift.



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