Free Sticker Templates

Colored Borders Removable Stickers
Order one sheet, a 6 sheet starter set or a 25 sheet pack of removable stickers. Choose your border color.

Do you need help creating sticker templates?  Beginning 2021, we will post two sticker templates each week that you can download and print onto My Removable Stickers.

You can also access this blank Word template to design your own sticker.

We’ll start with two popular removable stickers, a ‘moving sticker’ and a ‘get organized’ sticker.

Each PDF file contains the sticker content placed inside our 12 sticker areas.  Download and save the PDF file and then print the template onto our removable sticker sheets. The content will print inside the colored borders that are on each sheet. We’ve listed some helpful printing hints at the bottom of this page.

Click on the sticker template name to open the PDF file.

Moving Sticker – Floor Room Item


Get Organized Sticker – Move, Sell, Recycle, Donate, Toss


You can also email us as and let us know what you’d like to see on your sticker template. We’ll design a sticker and send it back to you, free of charge.

Helpful Printing Hints:

It’s always best to test print the template on white paper first and hold it up to a sticker sheet to make sure it’s lining up correctly.  When printing a PDF file from Adobe, it should be set for ‘scaling = none’ or ‘actual size’ – depending on what version of Adobe you might have.  If you are printing directly from the PDF display in your web browser (e.g., Firefox, Chrome), be sure that the printer property is set to print a full page, not a fit to page or scaled page that includes extra margins around the page. For example, in Firefox, the option is Borderless; in Chrome, you want to uncheck the Fit To Page option.  When you do this, your stickers will print correctly inside each of the 12 sticker squares.