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Free Sticker Design Template

[We have phased out our Adobe Flash sticker software. If you are a My Removable Stickers customer who needs access to PDF files that you created in the past with the software, email template@myremovablestickers.com and we can extract the saved PDF files from the database. If you need help using the Word template as described below for sticker design creation, please email help@myremovablestickers.com for assistance. ]

Microsoft Word Sticker Template

Click here to download this free Blank Template to design a customized sticker using Microsoft Word.

My Removable Stickers Template Image

With this template, you can create 12 identical stickers or 12 unique stickers on a My Removable Stickers sheet.

Test print the sticker content by printing the template on white paper and holding it up to a sticker sheet to make sure your content is lining up correctly.  Adjust your content or margins as necessary.

Then print the template content onto My Removable Stickers using any laser or inkjet printer.  Some customers also use high speed copiers for their removable sticker printing.

With a little Microsoft Word and Excel know-how, you can also merge unique data from an Excel file into the Word template to create pages of unique stickers.

For pricing and quantity discounts, visit our Buy Removable Stickers page.  Order stickers in packs of 25 sheets or a starter set with 6 sheets.

If you need help creating the sticker template in Word, we can assist you. This is a free service of My Removable Stickers. Simply email the information you’d like to see on the sticker (or take a picture of a previous sticker) to help@myremovablestickers.com and we’ll prepare the Word template and email the template to you for printing.


My Removable Stickers – Printing Hints

Step 1. It’s recommended you first test print your stickers on a blank sheet of plain paper. After printing, place the printed sheet on top of the My Removable Sticker sheet (corner peel tab is located in the bottom right corner of each sticker) and hold it up to the light to easily check the borders behind your printed text. If necessary, resize or move your text and images from within your saved sticker to improve the look of your content and then resave your sticker tempate.

Step 2. Next, insert the My Removable Sticker sheet in your printer according to the instructions of your printer.Colored Stickers

  • Printers vary as to whether the labels are placed up or down in the tray. Refer to your printer’s owner manual for directions.
  • If you are printing multiple sheets of stickers at one time, fan the label sheets before placing in the paper tray.
  • Print your completed sticker design on your My Removable Sticker sheet.

Our colored sticker border makes your message really stand out.