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Free Sticker Software – My Removable Stickers

Use our Free Sticker Design Software
to create and print customized removable stickers.

First add your own text and photos. Save your sticker template and then select the “generate” button to build a PDF print file with your customized sticker message in all 12 sticker positions.

  • No software to installFree Sticker Design Software
  • Easy to follow instructionsRemovable Labels That Peel & Restick
  • It’s free!

Print your message using any laser or inkjet printer onto My Removable Sticker sheets. Our colored borders will really make your message stand out!

(You can also use a Microsoft Word Template to create your own customized sticker content.)

Test Drive the Free Sticker Design Tool

If you want to test drive the sticker design software without registering for a private account, click the button below and sign in using this login:

  • Username: openuser
  • Password: openuser

Add text and photos and then generate a PDF print file with that message in all 12 sticker positions. All pictures loaded into this open user version and all saved templates are deleted each week. For help with the sticker design tool, watch our video tutorial or click here for instructions in PDF form.

Use the Sticker Design Tool

Register or Sign in to Your Existing Private Account

Register a username and password for a private account and free access to the software. Registered users can:

  • Save their sticker content for use later
  • Edit previously made stickers
  • Store pictures in their own private account

The sticker design tool is a free software program from My Removable Stickers to help you create your sticker message content. For help with the sticker design tool, watch our video tutorial or click here for instructions in PDF form.

Register/Access Account
Please Read Before Printing From The Free Sticker Design Software
To create a file to print, click on Generate PDF* and a PDF file will open with your message content inside all 12 My Removable Sticker areas. Click on File/Print (or the printer icon) to begin the printing process. When printing your PDF file, set Page Scaling to “None” in the File/Print option.

  • *pop-ups need to be allowed in Internet Explorer
It’s recommended you first test print your stickers on a blank sheet of plain paper. After printing, place the printed sheet on top of the My Removable Sticker sheet and hold it up to the light to easily check the borders behind your printed text. If necessary, resize or move your text and images from within your saved sticker so they better fit in the print area and resave your sticker.
Lastly, insert the My Removable Sticker sheet in your printer according to the instructions of your printer.

  • Printers vary as to whether the labels are placed up or down in the tray. Refer to your printer’s owner manual for directions.

If you are printing multiple sheets of stickers at one time, fan the label sheets before placing in the paper tray. Next, print your completed sticker design on your My Removable Sticker sheet.

Microsoft Word Template Option

If you would rather create your sticker content in Microsoft Word, download this Free Microsoft Word Template to get started. Using the Word template, you can create 12 unique stickers on a sheet. With a little Microsoft Word & Excel know-how, you can also merge unique data from an Excel file into the Word template to create a page of 12 unique stickers. Then just print that content onto one of our colored removable sticker sheets using any laser or inkjet printer. Email for additional help using the Word template and data merge component.


Print Your Own Customized Removable Stickers

See How to Use Our Free Online Sticker Design Software

To learn how to create your own stickers with custom messages using our free online sticker design tool watch this short tutorial video for all the details. Then print your stickers on our colored removable sticker sheets using any laser or inkjet printer.

  • NOTE: If you would like one of our graphics specialists to design and create your sticker message print file, just contact us and we’d be happy to assist you for free.

Thoughts That Stick

Removable Sticker Details

12 Stickers Per Sheet
6 Border Colors or All White Sticker
Sticker Size: 2.5" x 2.5"

Sticker Pack: 25 Sheets
Starter Set: 6 Sheets

All colors are in stock.
Most orders ship the same business day if ordered by noon EST. Visit Shipping Details for more information.

Sticker Questions?

If you have questions about My Removable Stickers, call 703.895.6035 or email

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