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Fighting For Business

Fighting For Business

BusinessSo you now have a business. A product or a service to sell. You have researched the market, tested the product, and you feel confident there is a market for what you have to offer. You have spent numerous hours developing your website, creating a marketing plan, and printing stationery, business cards, and envelopes. You have registered your trademark and you have all the licenses in place to operate in accordance with federal, state and city laws. You are finally open for business. Now what?

From personal experience, no matter what you are selling, it will be an everyday challenge. You will be consumed almost day and night with trying to get that next sale. You know your market and you know your targets; now how do you reach them? You have spent a great amount of effort with friends and professional consultants in helping you devise a meaningful Search Engine Optimization (SEO) program. You have all the keywords. You are now on Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and so many other online places where you need to have a foothold. You have worked extensively to establish a well-designed website and a social network presence, and sometimes, getting all these elements in place can take a toll.

Now how do you approach the market? Do you offer free samples? Send a direct mail piece? Buy online advertising such as Google keywords in the sponsored links section where you pay for every click? Advertise in or write content for publications that are germane to your business model? Have you thought about using affiliate marketing, a company that is already engaged in the sale and distribution of perhaps a similar product, such as Amazon and many others, so that they can advertise for you on their website? Yes, you will pay a percentage of your sales to that company but it may generate business that you cannot afford to pursue on your own.

There are more things to consider. Have you factored in all the costs of marketing, production, shipping, receiving, credit card charges, outside consultants, telephone, and website? Have you devised a spreadsheet that will allow you to make a quick change in your pricing structure if your costs increase? Is your product competitive and affordable to those in the marketplace? Do you have the inventory to ship instantly or are you outsourcing vital key elements of your product to others? Have you checked them out? Are they reliable and can you afford the costs? Do you need to keep an office? Yes, these and a thousand other questions will be running through your mind throughout your business life.

So fighting for business is difficult. It is a challenge and you will likely encounter people and companies with a similar business who are after the same market as yours. But you can succeed, provided that you have an advantageous niche opportunity that makes your product or service unique and fills a specialized need for your customer base.

Fighting for business is fun. It’s particularly challenging and most rewarding when the sales start coming in and your cash flow is now exceeding your cash out. Hard work, building relationships, and staying focused is the key to success.

~ Jim DeLapa

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