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Encouraging Students To Sell Back Textbooks; Return Rentals

Encouraging Students To Sell Back Textbooks; Return Rentals

As a parent of four college students, here’s what I discovered last month. We tried to support the campus bookstores but there were so few used books available for rental and resale that we paid a fortune for textbooks.College Students

Even more disheartening was the fact that the rental books came with no reminder sticker that the book was in fact a rental and when it should be returned.

Perhaps my daughters will receive email reminders but it felt as if these stores wanted us to miss the return date so they could charge us again for the books.

I would like to offer this suggestion to college bookstores.  Help keep your textbooks on campus with removable sticker messages.

If you want students to use your bookstore rather than online competitors, communicate with these students using My Removable Stickers on your textbooks. Inform them about buy back dates or identify the book as a RENTAL and put a return date on it.  With their unique peel tab, My Removable Stickers lift easily and leave no sticky residue.

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My Removable Stickers can be easily customized with our free sticker software or a Word template. Print as few or as many custom removable stickers as you need with your own printer or high speed copier.

Take advantage of our quantity discounts. You can purchase My Removable Stickers for as little as 5 cents a sticker.

Encourage your students to sell back their textbooks or return their rental textbooks in a timely manner.  More used books on campus – whether for rental or resale – should help lower textbook expenses for your students.  The more competitive the campus bookstore, the more likely the students will return next semester rather than shopping online for their textbooks.


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