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Easy To Peel Reminder Stickers For Books

Easy To Peel Reminder Stickers For Books

College textbooks are very expensive and often, the Publisher must recoup that investment in the first semester according to a February 16, 2012 article in USA Today by Cindy Damm of FA Davis Publishers, Seattle WA.  Some textbooks cost as much as $200.00.  Most likely that textbook will soon be sold as a used book. The popularity of renting text books is on the rise and is saving the students “lots of money,” wrote Jim Lawrence of Cornell University, Ithaca NY in that that same article.

If you work in a college bookstore, you know how hectic it is during the change of terms or semesters when so many students come in and want to buy or rent required textbooks for their selected classes. The bookstore environment is very busy at the start of such a period and new students have many questions and need to be reminded as to when the rented book should be returned so as to avoid a penalty.

As a special service to your students, My Removable Stickers offers you the opportunity to customize a sticker to fit your college or university bookstore needs.  That sticker can be placed on the book front cover as a visible reminder to the student to return the book.  The easy to peel adhesive makes it simple to remove that sticker after the book has been returned.  Some students might also find it helpful to pull the sticker from the book and place it on their fridge or computer or even a wall in their bedroom to remind them as to the date that the book needs to be returned without penalty.

The students appreciate this reminder sticker and, having served many college bookstores, our experience tells us that this simple reminder is a great benefit to both the college and the student.  You may want to investigate more and review different removable sticker examples for bookstores here.

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