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Downsizing With My Removable Stickers

Downsizing With My Removable Stickers

DownsizingDownsizing is a fact of life. In due course, we reach a point where we need to get rid of our belongings, whether by choice or by necessity. A move to a smaller house. Extended unemployment. Assisted living relocation. The loss of a loved one.

Staying organized makes this situation much easier.

What’s valuable in my home?  We often hear “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” Likewise, I think it’s true that value is often in the eye of the owner as it can comprise both a monetary as well as an emotional element. I may think my mahogany dining room table is marvelous. pianoOthers may think – dark wood, a waste. Do people still value a grandfather clock when an iPhone works as well for time? As for musical instruments, if no one in my family can play the piano or organ, do they have value?  Not to mention that both pieces are extremely difficult to move.

My mother-in-law passed away ten years ago and we had to close down her house. Her home was spotless, the floors clean, the tables free of dust, the bathrooms impeccable. The linens were ironed and placed with care in the linen closest. The pantry was organized. The freezer meat was labeled and dated. Correspondence was boxed by year and sometimes by event like the birth of my husband. What a joy we had reading through all those letters from family and friends, many who were no longer alive.  Her home organization reflected not only her life experiences, having been raised through the depression, but also the fact that she had downsized once already when relocating to Florida.

We tried to retain things to pass on to our daughters, jewelry, dishes and embroidered tablecloths.  We pull one set of glasses out every Thanksgiving in remembrance of Grandma Mabel. But I still wonder if we parted with things that were valuable simply because we didn’t know any better. Were the books on her shelf family treasures, rare collector items or just fun reads?  Was the furniture more than yard sale quality? Should I have taken some pieces to an Antiques Roadshow appraisal event?  We made choices to keep things, often based on how well the color scheme and style fit into our current home, as opposed to their monetary or emotional value.

Mabel would have loved My Removable Stickers.  They would have allowed her to organize her home in greater detail as well as communicate some direction to us.  She could have identified items she felt were of value that she wanted her son or grandchildren to keep.

Start now to organize your home with My Removable Stickers. Begin labeling your items.  If you lack time, start with a simple process.

Print SAVE on some removable sticker sheets using this SAVE template and place the stickers on the back or bottom of your most valued treasures. They leave no sticky residue so they won’t damage your items. Save Removable Sticker

When you have more time, expand the information on the SAVE stickers. Add a name to the sticker if you want to pass that item on to someone. Write a note on the sticker as to why you value the item, maybe because it was handed down from your Great Aunt Katie or because it has a substantial monetary value. Because My Removable Stickers can be peeled and reattached, it’s easy to pull off a sticker, add a few detailed notes and then place the sticker back on the item.

When you find it’s time to downsize, for any of the reasons listed above, you will be glad your home is organized with My Removable Stickers.

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