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Downsizing, Moving Or Just Getting Organized

Downsizing, Moving Or Just Getting Organized

Our house seems very large these days. We have rooms that are never used. DDownton Abbey Staffust accumulates and we don’t have a Downton Abbey staff to clean or cover the furniture. When the girls return from college this summer, the house will again feel stuffed to capacity. Meanwhile, downsizing is on my mind.

How many years do we stay in this house? How long once they have graduated from college will we need a place for them to come “home” to?

When they left for school, I had such grand plans to spend weekends going through the boxes that have been amassing in the basement. Do we need to keep all those childhood mementos, figurines, artwork, and yes, even old school notebooks that they thought they might need for reference?  As the weeks passed, I found it very hard to open the boxes, address the memories and throw things away. Would they miss the items? Would I accidentally toss something that was of great importance to them? Decluttering was a task better suited to do with them, if only we could find the time.

Recently, I encountered an article about who’s downsizing – and the answer was not retirees. This surprised me, given my urge to start tossing things from my house well before retirement. The story went on to explain that these retirees wanted a house that was large enough to host all their children and grandchildren for family celebrations.

I have friends in their 70s who have maintained a large family gathering place for years. It was the go-to home for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Family celebrations, wedding showers and baptism parties were always held there, not unlike the retirees referenced above. One of their sons is now moving back to the DC area and building a sizable home for his family. He told his Dad – you won’t need to keep your house because we can now host all the celebrations. In essence, the baton is passing and that’s a good thing. It will give this couple a chance to move forward, to downsize to a smaller home on one level. They will be able to go through their belongings while they can, when they are healthy and not pressed for time.

I frequently read blogs about downsizing and getting rid of stuff before it becomes too troublesome to do so.  As mentioned in this Washington Post article, “no one loves your stuff as much you do” and “move when you can, not when you have to.”  I think my friends are on the right track, even if it means their next home won’t be as close to mine.

If you are downsizing and need removable stickers to tag items as Donate, Toss or Move, try My Removable Stickers. If you are packing and need to identify boxes, furniture and other items by room and color, try My Removable Stickers.  They are safe to stick anywhere and peel easily when you no longer need them, leaving no sticky residue. With our free online design software, it’s easy to create customized removable stickers that suit your specific downsizing, packing or organizing situation. You can also write directly on the sticker to identify what’s in a box. It’s much easier to tag boxes now while you are cleaning than to have to reopen the box at a later point in time to figure out what is inside it. Get organized with My Removable Stickers.

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